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English Interpretation Service

Interpretation Service: “Meeting” as the key to success.

Is interpretation a time-consuming task requiring plenty of arrangements prior to the actual meeting outdoor?
The gathering of information before the meeting is an essential step for the interpreter. And for a busy client spending the less time as possible in the pre-meeting phase is a necessity.
This is where ERF can help you. Starting by researching the background knowledge of every interpretation request, ERF makes all the pre-meeting preparations thoroughly focusing on the clients'needs. ERF's preparation service will not cost you any money and you will save up your time.

Quality Guaranteed

ERF will do its very best to provide a high level interpretation service by following the client's indications and studying all the informarion available. We are positive you will be satisfied thanks to the refined interpretation performance by one of our collaborators.


In order to be able to receive from our clients as much reference material as possible prior to a meeting, we strongly recommend a non-disclosure agreement.

Please send us a draft contract with your signature by FAX.

ERF will offer you a quality assurance interpretation service centered on the interpreter individual skills and motivation.

Rate System

ERF rate system varies depending on the content of the assignment. Our rates will ensure an outstanding meeting to satisfy your needs. For more information, please refer to the following table.

Interpretation Service Rates (Yen)

One Day Plan
Half Day Plan
Extra Rate
Meetings/ Seminars/ Lectures (General Content) 40,000~60,000
8,000 x 1 h
General event
6,000 x 1 h
General event
4,000 x 1 h

[1]1 Day Plan: Interpretation service needed for more than 3 hours but less than 8 hours (from the meeting time to the end)
[2]Half Day Plan:Interpretation service needed for less than 3 hours (from the meeting time to the end)
[3]Extra Rate:In case the interpretation service will be performed for more than 8 hours, an hourly rate will be charged *The above costs refer to one interpreter only.


Transportation Fee:
The actual cost will be charged. Movement Restriction Cost (Outside Tokyo’s 23 Wards): Traveling time will be included in the service hours. (In case of transfers necessary one day ahead or following the actual day of the service, 50% of the one day plan rate will be applied.

Cancellation Fee:
Cancellation before - 14-8 days from the actual day of the service= 20% of the total cost will be withheld.
- 7-2 days from the actual day of the service= 50% of the total cost will be withheld.
- on the same day of the service: 100% of the total cost will be withheld

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