The SL train ride of Oigawa railroad

Dear Guelda & Rosemary As a X’mas gift for you, I made an itinerary of Oigawa railroad tour for your Japan travel in Apr. 2019.

Oigawa railroad
The company Daitetsu in Shizuoka prefecture operates two 1,067 mm (3 ft 6 in) gauge railway lines. The Ōigawa Main Line from Kanaya to Senzu; and the Ikawa Line from Senzu to Ikawa. Both lines function primarily as sightseeing lines. The former is known for its heritagesteam trains, while the latter is the only rack railway line in Japan.

Thomas the Tank Engine
Oigawa Railway brought out, a Japaneselocomotive that appears in the Thomas TV seriesas prelude to Thomas’s arrival.

Only running from June to Oct. Unfortunately you cannot ride it in Apr.

Shinkansen (Bullet train) From Tokyo to Shizuoka ( 1hr ride ) From Shin-Osaka to Shizuoka ( 1.5hr ride ).

Cost per person 

  • Tokyo -> Shizuoka by Bullet train : 1.5hr, 5,830JPY
  • Shizuoka->Kanaya by JR line : 31min, 580JPY
  • Kanaya->Shin-Kanaya by Oigawa railroad : 4min, 150JPY
  • Oigawa SL railroad ride : 1hr 10min, 5,040JPY Total 19,200JPY for all cost including returning.


9:00 departure Tokyo by Bullet train -> Arrive Shizuoka 10:30am -> Arrive Kanaya 11:00 -> Shin-Kanaya 11:52am -> Senzu 13:09pm
Senzu 13:39 -> Kanaya 15:00 ——->Tokyo

This is my rough idea. Once I get your detailed request, I will make accurate travel schedule. Please let me know where to stay on 6,7,8night in Apr.

I hope the information can be help for you.

Best wishes to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year.

Bye for now from LEO in Japan